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less liberally s on today's very hot thunder. >> the sun is strong today this starting to rise giving us the our view of a clear shot this morning no fog and it is a warm start for the day. we will warm up quickly temperatures could be warmer today than yesterday. cooling trend in for tomorrow and for liberalabor day. 64 in h oakland 67 at hayward, into the
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afternoon we are warming it up and the upper 90s today interest and rosa at the same for fairfield cooler in mill valley san rafael topping out 94 and along the peninsula look at these 86 for san francisco, san bruno into the '90s, upper 90s palo alto, through berkeley and oakland upper 80s, 96 degrees in castro valley, 101 for antioch and livermore down in the south bay temperatures upper 90s and triple digits of is like cupertino and los gatos as well. as we make our way towards the labor day much cooler forecast in francisco might not make get out of the '60s on labor day, san jose comfortable 80 degrees, and low eighties for livermore's well. low oil coast of fog tomorrow and a different
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forecast for next week. >> not exactly the commute direction but a hot spot 17 south bundy shut down south of the summit pass summit road at a big rig overturned 25 minutes ago and blocked both southbound lanes spilling during that it was carrying 43,000 lbs. traffic is being diverted by the number of rigs have been caught behind this incident so it will slow that drive into santa cruz. no. bound ride which is to commute to direction is unaffected by a southbound lanes are blocked. 580 not a bad commute as directors low traffic but the speeds are good we have not been stopping go conditions except for this. 680 is not begin to back up for the south bound ride into a single likely
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it will later go remember we have seen a return to fall to new conditions on most all bay area freeways except the bay bridge we've been seeing a lot of slowdowns because of the meter and light it is likely to be back up again this morning for the ride heading west bound coming into the toll plaza. it looks like we have a family getting to go here. the westbound commute likely to be delayed from the end of the ease parking lot for your trip to the upper deck. incident freight across the span. >> developing story this morning please from several bay area cities are looking for a modem and a string of murders they might all be linked to a man that was the gun down by chp and
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a hercules man was found dead in there must with as missing police on the body they found the boy to was killed by efren valdemoro another looking for some sales frederick in efren valdemoro girlfriend house last week both were in an altercation with efren valdemoro galileo to women were found
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neighbors state police were often called to that house they also say please recall there because of frequent arguments between the two month bill efren valdemoro was no longer allowed near the home. >> he stares at you i don't think he's normal i would be like he was dangerous i did not use this dangerous. from lowly i would always hear her yelling. i would come at any of their end efren valdemoro would say don't worry about her she's crazy. >> we posted the conference yesterday and the latest details on the story at kron 4. >> tracking hurricanes tropical storm warning for long island hurricane watch is posted for massachusetts because of hurricane earl. earl is headed
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their way this is video of what's going on in miami. category 4 storm we gun increased the 1135 now they are hundred and 45 mi. an hour. tonight or tomorrow for north carolina all the way to new england. >> it is a major hurricane but it could strengthen as we make our way through the next day or so. by this evening we should see gusty winds and dangerous surf around here alone at carolina. continuing to see high threat levels for nova scotia. hurricane watches and warnings up and down the east coast this morning we see it moving in at 18 mi. an hour category for hurricane earl 145, hour winds.
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>> dow jones up 19.3 now. we see bidding war continue between hewlett-packard and dell for three car. even before it dull could make its latest offer public h-p raising its bid to 3 $3 a share this all started with $18 a bed. the number of people are requiring unemployment declines the numbers coming out over our goal of the labor department says the claims brought by 6000. foreign and 72,000 filed last week the numbers fell and economists were looking for an increase in the numbers before we get average
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fell as well that is the first decrease. >> we will be back with more a couple of minutes 80 on the lord that is fine. san francisco's 68 degrees 86 for this afternoon.
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structures are homes out there so nothing burned. no word on the cause. >> a man who has robbed nine banks. he struck again yesterday. he gave a note to the teller. his the suspect is also wanted for bank robberies in nearby mountain view, redwood city, los gatos, menlo park, daly city and pacifica, as well as the sacramento area. will be daly city and pacifica, as well as the sacramento area. will be right back. on sealy posturepedic, 500 beauty rest and serta mattresses! even get 3 years interest free financing on tempurpedic, the most recommended bed in america! plus get free same day delivery but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price guaranteed. ♪ sleep train
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fifth this difference is cullis 16% was then about 16 oakland as well overall is a much warmer forecast typically used to or on this time of year. deleted day of summer. 68 percent francisco 63 for oakland 67 for hayward 64 livermore. grafton of the '90s. down for san rafael ran 94 all on the peninsula keeping temperatures in the '80s. 86
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down in december now 90. 97 mph. upper 90s through berkeley and oakland. getting up to 1 01 in san ramon today the same in pleasanton and livermore hundred degrees and antioch done in the south bay's upper 90s and triple digits as well. 7 day around your bay are we will shave off a few degrees by labor day on who low '70s for the bay and los '60s for the coast. >> tracking how i 17 both southbound lanes affected by 8 over turned track. traffic being diverted for seven teams out the good news is on ride. that is a commuter action appeared 580 slowing through the altamont and
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livermore looking better at the dublin interchange the dublin grade traffic slowed and the rights 680 southbound looks good still heading toward signal. that has not backed up the bay bridge back up this morning with the meter and light-activated around 630. the back up towards the end of the spartan lot. 880 pretty much open. san francisco once again seeing some slow traffic on the in down central freeway where merges with the james lick no problems here just the normal from time to time at the merged point we sleazy slow traffic back and things up for a quarter mile. james lick is absorbing that traffic well. slowing pass this scene of the march. >> decision 2010 the first debate between california candidates is in the books. in a
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sharp exchange at st. marriage are boxer and republican challenger sparred over offshore drilling afghanistan undocumented workers and more. with unemployment rate above 12 percent job took center stage. >> know why those jobs go and i will tell you why. china for example like texas and brazil give companies to a huge tax credits they help them cut through regulation they reward they provide access to credit that's what we need to do. >> we know she ship jobs overseas and she fired workers tens of thousands. we also know she has opposed every job spill we have voted on or boxer seeking a third term the former ceo. republicans make up about one-third of richard voters in california. >> police could be trading in
7:20 am
their city uniforms in exchange for county sheriff uniforms the city council will consider an agreement to outsource the please department to the san mateo sheriff's office is an attempt to close the three and half million dollar budget shortfall. if they approve the agreement today it will go on to the board. sheriff's office is tentatively able to take over at the end of next month. oakland police chief is disputed a claim that the city streets have become more dangerous since 80 officers were laid off in july. oakland police officers association said crime has jumped 8 1/2% since the layoffs. chief said oakland usually increases bikes during the summer and violent crime is actually down. oakland police may soon get help from state and
7:21 am
federal agencies as a result of a violent crime summit last week. >> the man suspected of shooting a police officer last week may be coming back to the bay area today. he is facing multiple charges including attempted murder carjacking and possession of firearms. he was caught trying to crash mexico border from san diego. he will be arraigned next tuesday. there is a day long but blood drive held at the high school for the officer that was shot todd young was wounded he has undergone many surgeries he's in serious but stable conditions. offer service and other people in the community showed up to donate. he has undergone three surgeries and he may need more. he is a graduate of santa clara high. he has two children in the district. >> we will be back with more of a couple minutes. all i've
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because everyone has a story. and our story is you. - we can be boys... - cowboys. i can run again. they gave me a new heart. i am so happy to be alive. what a great day at the beaches last name speech last night speech dave for a while. the big cool down inland spot stay warm through saturday labor day monday coolest day of the three weekend. today >> is the first day of his peace talks hosted by president barack obama. they include is really. as well as egypt and jordan appeared at the forefront is of the blockade of gossip. new details. the cap that ended
7:26 am
bp's three-month oil leak in the gulf of mexico is set to come off today as a prelude to raising a massive, failed piece of equipment and preparing for a final seal on the broken seafloor well. engineers and the government were not expecting crude to break out again when the cap is lifted, but the government wasn't offering any guarantees and oil collection vessels were set to be on standby on the surface just in case. bp says its has as if $5 million on advertisements for that is three times as much as they spend. they should be spending more on victims unless some polishing image. >> this man. a man upset with the discovery channel network's programming after he took two employees and a security officer hostage at the company's headquarters wednesday. all three hostages escaped safely. police spent several hours negotiating with the gunman, identified as james j. lee.lee previously protested outside the building, where he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in february 2008. he walked into the channel building and told everybody to freeze. authorities say he
7:27 am
protested the discard or channel he was not happy with their programming. he was arrested 2008 after protest in the building its standoff ended when he was shot and killed after negotiations failed. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes a live look at oakland. the bay bridge back up metering lights you have to wait here in the sunshine know.
7:28 am
7:29 am
the sunshine is at work this morning this is the hottest day of the week. >> we are getting into the triple digits today and letterman here are some hides for you 86 in san francisco in 9
7:30 am
in oakland triple digits through concord and in the office. 101 degrees in livermore south bay upper 90s. 97 mountain view and 98 interest and jose current temperatures 68 for san francisco over to livermore still is 66674 hayward and as we head towards 10:00 warming it up into the '70s seen some eighties through the east bay as well by noontime we will warming to the '90s. bruce and triple digits into the picture today by about the o'clock hour we will cool it down and see '70s. overall warm afternoon and evening as well labor day not so much. not getting out of '60's in san francisco for labor day, comfortable in san jose in '80 and low 80's and livermore's
7:31 am
well. a big difference from today. ice from the triple digits and '80s around the bay. expects coastal fog to return friday is cooling trend dixon the weekend should be pleasant not until sunday a really cool off lower 80s inland 70 run the base '60s for the coast. here's a check gone a commute. >> we are tracking on spot for 17 in the south and direction lanes have been shut down because of no return big radiator was caring a big load of beer spilling some of the load on the roadway. managing to drop a few vehicles spirit they are caught between the closure in this bill. it is now starting to have an impact of the north and direction as well slowing ride coming up from santa cruz
7:32 am
with heavy traffic approaching the summit. a slow ride through hayward as we saw yesterday expressions out on direction heavy traffic from san leandro as to head towards union city and newark although it does not last all the way through fremont as it did yesterday but it is still early we could see that. bay bridge you can see the westbound you still looks good to back up really reaching to the end of these are not so as not much of a delay this is a me during my back up traffic volumes are actually light this morning. through san jose 1 01 in the northbound direction heavier traffic trying to get up to tremble they look cruised into their free for the lower bayshore freeway. it is slower traffic for the north down 1 01 ride. public transit art is on time no problems are delays ace train is doing well all along the peninsula.
7:33 am
>> police from cities are looking for a motive in a string of murders that may all be linked to a single man appeared he was killed by chp officers in richmond. they're trying to track down a hercules man who is missing after his father was among those killed. he was found in his home last week. it started saturday they found the body of ricardo efren valdemor'e looking for his son his 35 years old they believe the father and son got into conversation a week ago with efren valdemoro who is a suspect in this case. this is a picture of the son he and his father ran to their room in efren valdemoro girlfriend house.
7:34 am
>> here is the timeline. they're called to break up but altercation between efren valdemoro end sales. the 25th to vallejo women missing, august 28th ricardo sales found dead in his home, tuesday allen in smart were found in vallejo. efren valdemoro frequently stayed at that home and he has seen dry run escalate. tuesday night they finally shot efren valdemoro after a high-speed chase. his girlfriend's body was found in the car. the son of sales the man beaten of sales still missing. wind stays conference has been posted our web site. >> it to be challenged this holiday for hyatt. thousands of
7:35 am
workers will protest what that highest attempts to lock workers into a recession while management continues to benefit from the recovery. there are three rallies planned throughout the day at the hyatt regency in embarcadero the hyatt at sfo and in santa clara. a pittsburgh elementary school. a 26-year-old pleasant hill swim coach has been arrested for possession of child pornography.detectives from the contra costa county office arrested 26-year-old alex bursch of antioch for possession of child pornography. several computers and storage devices containing thousands of images of child pornography were found at his home. bursch is a teacher at the los medanos elementary school in pittsburg. he was arrested this morning at the school without incident. bursch is also a coach and lifeguard for a local swim team, the pleasant hill dolfins. hurricane earl a monster storm. the first rain banks are moving
7:36 am
and it will skean skim the eastern seaboard. through today and tomorrow up in the hampton saturday can't hot as well reason for the store and that's for sandra and so it is. >> many people in north carolina are stocking up in gearing up for working are appeared >> were getting enough stuff for two days in case we get stuck. >> mandatory evacuation went into effect wednesday which is expected to get hardest hit. north carolina is under state of emergency many homes and businesses are boarded up to weather the storm. >> girl has given us an opportunity to test out readiness. >> safety is always the barometer. for north carolina and how we treat any weather
7:37 am
event. >> the guy is not expected to make landfall on the u.s. appeared many models showed it will be off the east coast making landfall in nova scotia. many states will feel the force of the wind and rain watches and warnings are route. massachusetts and connecticut are being pulled up in advance of the storm appeared many people who have seen neighbors leave home will help roll pass by. >> may be billed go by quickly and will be back together again. >> president barack obama has declared disaster application before the storm. it is forecasted to hit here in north carolina later tonight. >> will be right back as a news continues fell warm start to the morning here.
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not doing too much this dow was up 17. rain down. ben is testifying this morning washington here's a live before the investigators em guessing game the crisis. the two big to fail problem must be solved. >> just crossing wires his bhp and bell for data storage company is over. just this morning i h-p raise their bid to $33 a share it started off with an $18 bid from dealt and it has been going up. del saying it will not match hp's offer appeared both pc makers were looking at three parts. h-p is
7:42 am
over $2 billion to three parts. >> avis' budget said it is raising its cash bid avises it could be as much as $1.5 billion in cash and stocks appeared thrifty turndown of kronor office last month during a this may not get the approval of in teeth trust regulators. >> watching a key and watching them during a highway. wilbur >> watching a key and watching them during a highway. wilbur wright only through labor day ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep. ♪
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continuing fall in now latest with four murders in the east bay. this is a hair salon work citroen more. body found inside
7:46 am
the car after he led police on a high-speed chase here is a live look from vallejo waiting for co-workers to shore up this morning. >> 745 is the time now that sun is one be strong today bring as temperatures triple digits in some locations clear shot for you know fog in shiite psyche former spots in livermore currently at 60 by noontime into '90s high temperature today 1 01 back into the upper 80s by 8:00 hour. elsewhere '60s upper 60s and francisco 63 through oakland 670 hayward in the afternoon we will be open to the '70s may be even 80s by noontime all the red showing '90s that will fill in by the
7:47 am
afternoon seeing triple digits by the 3:00 hour. as we call it off by 8:00 p.m. tempters in the '70s maybe even 80s other of the guys today 98 degrees in santa rosa. flirting with 100 through sonoma upper 90s through fairfield. 8647 cisco further south up for 90 upper 80 through berkeley and oakland and through hebert ancaster valley union city we're looking at temperatures in the '90s off 100 degrees through what muckrake concord 1 01 in san ramon done and the south bay temperatures over '90s and the triple digits. dear 7 day around the bay shows it is the end of the heat wave come tomorrow coast of fog rosen we will cool it down each day torture labor day. >> we are tracking a problem
7:48 am
for the santa cruz mountains this hot spot ciller has been issued because the southbound lanes have been blocked a deal to replace highway 17 is closed so they are using similar road instead. a number of vehicles got trapped in the back up with bigger rigs there is no way to turn them around they will have to sit there until crews can deal with the spill of beer it was 43,000 lbs.. then they have to write the trailer and open lanes. it is likely to be awhile. it is backed up to glenwood. tracking the drive on interstate 80 hot spot here read showing on the road with sensors leading down towards berkeley just between ashby and university there was a minor accident in the second lane from the left it has added to this slowing. the bay bridge however
7:49 am
is not that badly backed up. san francisco was quite heavy on the inbounds central freeway not so bad now. from time to time we have seen a back up here where the central freeway and the james lick march together again incident free for the strife so it is just too many cars and not enough lanes. if you drive it in can be a tricky merge especially if you're in the left lane south bay through san jose traffic 1 01 s for the past 20 minutes has been slow in the northbound direction leading towards trimble they look through. >> 7:49 a.m. new this morning to u.s. troops have died in afghanistan today in los as one service member was killed in the country's east the other in the south nader natal and local officials say they have killed
7:50 am
37 insurgents in grounded air strikes. gates has arrived in afghanistan's capital meeting with the president and top nato control. he participated in ceremonies marking the close of the combat mission. >> cuts and ac transit which services to drop because of the agency's shortfall on the table possibly cutting we can service dropping certain lines altogether or cutting back service times of the day. any cuts decided on will begin in december but no final decision morris made yesterday it will meet again later this month the >> bosses of verve and all the debt and cost >> after much anticipation apple steve jobs unveils what all the buzz was about new ipod and gave slate
7:51 am
was in san francisco for the been unavailing. >>there is a new ipod nano they basically took the existing nano and chopped it in half making it the smallest nano yet. they got rid of the scroll wheel and added multi touch to the screen, making it a fully touchscreen device. they also added a clip to the back great for when the go. it comes in six colors, you can pre order it now, it ships out next week. $149 for the 8 gig version. $179 for the 16 gig version. there is the new ipod shuffle, similar to the second generation shuffle, people did not like the third generation of the shuffle without the buttons. so they added abck the buttons and made it smaller it is now the smallest shuffle yet. it comes in five colors, cost $49, you can pre order it now and it ships out next week. and there is a new ipod touch this one is thinner, lighter, i held one. i really liked it , it is really light easy on the pocket. better screen four times the pixels. it adds a camera, you can take pictures and hd video. and they added a front facing camera so you can use the face time video chat that is that new feature in the iphone 4. the ipod touch is $230 to $400 depending on the storage size you pick, you can pre order now. it ships out next week. and there is a new apple tv, this
7:52 am
one is smaller, it will fit in your hand, is tiny. apple tv connects to your home wifii and your living room tc so you can rent hd tv shows and movies from apple. stream them adn watch them right on your living room tv. the new apple tv will be $99 and it comes out in 4 weeks. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> will be right back as a new continuous supply of local outside right now from the golden gate beautiful looking morning around the bay before temperatures heat up this afternoon.
7:53 am
[ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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7:55 am
755 gretna after the switch can gesture vice-president people be him badly.
7:56 am
>> has been 60 days since the new congestion pricing went into effect at the bay bridge. yet drivers are still... >> you are not supposed to stop. >> stopping to pay the tolls. the driver of this silver saturn who not only stops at the toll booth, the driver begins to back up in toll booth #2, then jsut sits there out of camera view. and i tried to reposition to get a better view, the driver then it moves to toll booth #1. they pulled up briefly and then drove right through. now this time no one was brave enough to get out of their car and try to pay their toll. except for one passenger who had already past the plaza. keep watching. the driver of this black car apparently sideswiped the booth after paying the toll. so the passenger decides to do an inspection right smack in the middle of the highway. i kid you not. this was one of the scariest moments of my career, watching this man, in the middle of interstate 80, doing a
7:57 am
damage assessment of his car. very dangerous! for the record please do not stop in lanes of traffic and don't stop in the fast-track lanes even if you are from... >> utah. >> utah. >> yea it is fast-track only they will send you a bill in the mail. >> oh, and i can not leave you with out the obligatory driving over the delineator shot. bridge toll plaza, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> if your comment or a story idea for stanley e-mail him at >> lupatkin to eminences the news continues watching the people i've looked from mt. tam.
7:58 am
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then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm
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by kathleen. jacking the bay region commute for 80 0¢ a pound. many of slowing for the right of san leandro and hayward. so the northbound ride really only slows from 84 up to 92 that is not too bad. the fremont corridor is not to bad
8:03 am
this morning either. across the bay, citing the matter over to jerry 101, a little crowded and sluggish. but all in all not that bad. bay bridge to look at the ride of the toll plaza, the commute has been a little slower in the last 20 minutes in the westbound direction because now it is also backing of on the 80 aside for that westbound ride normally commute there is the lightest of the bay bridge, it's normally the best approach, it is not to buy back the but it is. a little is toll plazas only back to midway. says a traffic one no ones around. >> please from several bay
8:04 am
area's are looking for a motive in a string of murders that may center around the suspects killed by chp officers. he was killed after a high-speed chase he was wanted in connection with the murder of richard sallust. rain now authorities are looking for his son frederick hill was also involved in an energy. here is a picture of frederick. crews are searching for any clues as to where he could be. there's an autopsy is scheduled for the other two murder victims. reed and alan king carol smart. they believe there's a tide of all tomorrow because he used to stay at their home. where the bodies were found. allen's husbands was arrested and charged for having chemicals in the house and explosive materials and surveys do not know how he is connected to the murders if there's any
8:05 am
connection there we doctors and neighbors to say that the police were often called to that has. where efren valdemoro stayed sometimes of those women. their graves because of frequent arguments between waldemar and allen. about a month ago efren valdemoro was no longer allowed in the home although he was spotted driving around the neighborhood. >> i don't think is normal, he steers a you crazy i rows kind of feel like he's dangerous and in the news is dangerous. the lady i would always hear her yelling. so i would come of. i been out there, efren valdemoro say the order she is crazy. >> now there's a fourth murder, because efren valdemoro girlfriend sydney trent was found dead in his car on tuesday night she worked at the salon in vallejo. earlier this morning
8:06 am
someone placed flowers at the salon. trent also on tap and live in the home in hercules that solace and his son rented. he rented room in their home autopsy's set for today. our coverage of these multiple murders continues 03 here on kron4 and the latest from our web site at just as we headed the labor day weekend we are a major hurricane just off the coast is a tropical storm warning for long island. where would normally be a very busy weekend. we just had a hurricane warning just issued for the seven coast of massachusetts. here's the view from north carolina. the barrier islands have been evacuated as the storm is off the coast this is a category for a five hurricane. windsor hundred and 45 mi. per hour. right now a we're watching as
8:07 am
the storm gets closer to the coast. will fall the latest very heavy rain strong winds on tap for the eastern seaboard. their use you we're expecting with this major hurricane to this scam the eastern seaboard with the outer bands. hundred and 45 violins and not expected to impact land although very dangerous conditions are expected from the carolinas all the way up to boston. cape cod as we make your way through saturday. following list of hurricane earl. >> this labor day weekend may be a challenge for hyatt hotel owners. thousand of some workers are planning to protest what they called the attempt to lock workers into a permanent recession well management continues to benefit. there is three rallies planned at the hyatt regency on the embarcadero near sfo and instead declared. new details. a 26-
8:08 am
year-old pleasant hill swim possession of child pornography.detectives from the contra costa county office arrested 26-year-old alex bursch of antioch for possession of child pornography. several computers and storage images of child pornography were teacher at the los medanos he was arrested this morning at the school without incident. bursch is also a coach and lifeguard for a local swim team, the pleasant hill dolfins. we'll be right back with the kron 4 morning news continues up to this break. a live look good side ever san francisco a beautiful day in store midday, and after 12 months have a gesture to get really hot.
8:09 am
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looking at the sunny side of the san mateo bridge. both sides agree, traffic is at the speed limit and no father, a crystal clear nice one day around the bay. >> watching wall street the dow
8:12 am
jones is down with gun positive, negative up three rain now to 10,000 to 71. big news of the bay the bidding contest for the fremont data storage company is now over. e h p raise their bid to $33 a share bring its bid to over $2 billion and delta announced they're not going to match hp's bid. remember dullards i offered $18 a share. the bidding has gone up and up. both pc makers were looking at three bart as a way to build up their computing business. numbers can unemployment jobless benefits the number of americans filing for unemployment declined to the second straight week. the labor the promise a new claims fell by 6000 but still 472,000 americans filed for unemployment. economists were looking for increase instead of a drop. the average of claims
8:13 am
fell as well that is the first decrease eocene in a four week average after for st. john's. >> will be back with more in just a couple minutes. gary is baxter will talk to gary. a live look from mt. tam, lots of sunshine. we will your back. announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller
8:14 am
found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. %y he just can't deliver the results
8:15 am
baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners.
8:16 am
you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. time ran out to talk to gary j. we're not the only ones in the heat wave is hot at the u.s. open. what is happening? >> 2 bull did this yesterday. the players rob complaining. it will ease off a little bit today, then there's that one tennis player she collapsed. turns out it was not from the heat barack visit he did not help. i guess she had her head working at the gym. >> any news on that and lady? >> know. it just was a confession that she suffered a da realize. you hit your head,
8:17 am
and i guess sure the time. the word last night was they took to the hospital this issue concussion but nothing more serious than that. >> the thrust of the tennis. that is an individual sport where you are there. you're planning a long match there's no place to hide you can't bring in a substitute. the u.s. open the heavy heat policy kicks than it was in effect just paid only for the women. >> so the women of daylight digging out a tenebrae to but there's no keep policy for the men. >> i did not know that. in other matches the door for everybody or not all. this 19 for the men. >> i'll give you a scenario that's even worse. i'm going back 30 years, but when i was in college they had the eileen kane tennis tournament in las vegas. one thing to play, that is tough. but to sit there clef hundred and five degrees and watch the full run around. you'd
8:18 am
sit there for about five minutes and you'd be dunking had an order. and you'd say i don't care of who wins. let me add here. >> i love it. i know your plan but i'm sitting here with a cold drink and it is fog. >> leonardo is reproducing in the spot it's even worse. >> you can't move. unfortunately she is ok. now how about the brawl. this was the same guys are in trouble for throwing the ball into the stands at a fan. i like the pitcher says were once thought as i him running nine years in coming to not talk to me. this guy has a problem this is a real baseball brawl. i will give him credit, remember the washington nationals their team going nowhere, but he still cares, their egos. there you know normally the other punt pretty good suspended by discuss this it for awhile. what did
8:19 am
they call that the clothesline he clotheslines and are never heard that before. >> i hate to say that from watching these guys fight to second the guy said he and his wider or arrested. he does cut prison. i'm a big to-i think he's kind of clever. he's got talent. >> i'm a huge steel-tube. >> we both should be arrested. >> i'm a huge fan and telling you i know idaho, a shining example ray thing i just think he's clever. so weapons charges not to. >> he has an attitude. >> he cares and subacute attitude. his wife for surname tiny excuse me for sharing knowledge. a tiny step with them will news imprison so is getting news said wrong going i got your back. i can tell by like a son
8:20 am
nine sdi because these are ways in the back. >> arizona about on the radio playing to the democratic figure. i don't know of replying to the time the kind of record 39 knowledge. you can e-mail as a kron4 if you're enjoying darya and i talking about the eye. >> i can't believe this because there's just not give a man is here he is cutting its mark. >> that is the words are several. >> is that why christian market >> i there's just thumbing his hand at the dodgers and forget all your eggs. i'm cutting my hair. he's from making a tender and off of it somehow to. the white sox several about that. and the yankees do as well no facial hair and the yankees. he said the state to restrict use it is prime didn't go as their marriage is a roll and now is the ndp do they tell them. >> it is and i seventh ran he get ahead. it is a funny, funny
8:21 am
world. the talk about this all the time i got a died when kids, if you can do one thing well you get a chance to have a good life. you're not to do two things well you're not to be allowed to play baseball and be a nice person. sears slate if you can paint if you're a good mechanic if you can do one thing well and the world will look the other way and indiscretions. >> while it is for michael phelps every him up because i saw him hot tub with the miss california at the polls. >> what's the deal? >> on and off again. but the two of them loves and dismissed california was for name? nicole johnson. she was runner-up. were there as it hits again the cool. his initial offer. >> think about this, if all you did from the age of eight was given a full your mob figure at your home. for you backed down a
8:22 am
full beard drum kit shipment home. you can go crazy now you king of the world's with unlimited resources. >> we summer of tiger. is he in during as of now. >> is that actors from gossip brokers to mark shields with brody the bad boy. she used to be with this hockey power player. the latest target for you. >> like i said if you can look good when you take your shirt of you've got a chance. if your money to do i would go for folks over birdie. but he still look to me and colorful. >> i suppose. if you're serious a year and are just were shirt and stop the pockets with money. >> put them on the web site to i wouldn't date him i did phelps' i think he's got a better barbara miller he's not that good cells has enough money that we can blow for the next 30 years. for the millers to wake up one day and say i am broke
8:23 am
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8:24 am
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welcome back, bay area weather and other spare day period of near 190 a day one last great each day before the fog comes back again for the labor day weekend. still tracking a hot spot highway 17 lanes are still blocked. where a truck overturned earlier earlier this morning the commute direction northbound still slow plasticine another huge backup complete extra ahead. darya. >> decision 2010 the first debate between california's candidates for the use of it said is in the history book. it
8:27 am
was a sharp exchange. they start over offshore drilling game marriage of afghanistan and undocumented workers. california is an employer rate above 0% jobs to cell stage. >> i know precisely where those jobs go, and i will tell you why. because china for example like taxes, like brazil, gives companies a huge tax credits they help them cut regulations they reward organdies they provide access to credit. that is what we need to do we know that she should drugs overseas. thousands of them. we know that you fired workers tens of thousands. but we also know that she is opposed every jobs bill that we have voted on. >> so boxer is the incumbent taking a third term. as a former ceo hewlett-packard. republicans make it was the third of registered voters. we will have more in just a couple
8:28 am
of minutes, let's go live the good side rainout the golden gate bridge. lots of sunshine, that is considered a lot of cars see you can bet the commune is that is considered a lot of cars see you can bet the commune is in full swing on 11 sat down. i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things (birds chirping) like strolling in an orchard ♪ is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
current temperatures around the bay, 70 degrees a 30 a.m.. 713 now in san jose as an overnight lows did not drop off that much. with that and other warm day. here is a live look to the golden gate. no fog the speed of light winds. if convicted out by how, the bay is. return of the fog to ma. it starts to cool things down especially along the
8:31 am
coast and around the bay. and in spots on its local down or the next few days. today will be the warmest of the next seven we will have that cool down coming for the holiday weekend. temperatures 70 showing up. and a.m. as we head towards noon time that's for temperatures really pop and noon. 7 these near '80s. but to noon already 90s in the livermore and 90 in san jose. in 90 runs in a san petaluma. out towards fairfield and then from noon-3 we really warm-up period between 3-for progress to the high temperatures for the day. he's on the bay where the great days the beaches today with highs in the '70s. after 3:00 little bit of a sea breeze. by 8 this evening 56 shows, '60s at the bay '70s and the and in spots and again today is the last really hot day the fog is expected to return to mark. highs are at near 199 sonoma
8:32 am
mid-1990s to mill valley. 97 and fairfield. cleveland san francisco 86. they said upper 70's. a half moon bay. warm to hot one from yet,

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